Is Google Allo Safe? NO, it isn’t says Edward Snowden

I have written few posts on Google Allo and Google Assistant in it but didn’t say about the unsafe thing Edward tweeted on. What do you think, Is Google allo safe? Now however, you will get a bad feeling on it… Continue Reading →

which is better Dubsmash vs Musically (

Nowadays everyone is crazy about making funny and swag videos of about few seconds. Social networking is the cause for making this crazy stuff to share them online. Dubsmash is a revolutionary app from which the rest are born. Musically is similar… Continue Reading →

How to Use Whatsapp on PC While at Work

Usually, people have a habit of using social messengers while at work. mostly all the messaging networks like facebook can be used on PC while working side by. Here is a way how to use WhatsApp on PC without interrupting your… Continue Reading →

Google Pixel Compared To Be Better Than iPhone 7 in the Market Now

Google Pixel Compared To Be Better Than iPhone 7 in the Market Now
Pardhu PC

Where and How to Buy Google Pixel in Germany (Online Markets)

Google Pixel is a trending name running around. For the present situation, Google Pixel is said to be featured high than an iPhone 7. The thing is Google didn’t advertise about their new Google Pixel as like Google Nexus and… Continue Reading →

How to get emojis on Allo keyboard for Android

Google Allo is a revolutionary messaging app introduced very lately. But Google Allo makes it more special with Google Assistant involving in the personal chats. This can help people play social games and social activities too. But like Instagram Google Allo… Continue Reading →

Where and How to buy Google Pixel phone in US, UK, Germany

Google Pixel is simply awesome now.  Google has bought up the new smartphone Pixel after Nexus for a better competition to iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. on the other hand, Google Nexus gives competition for the Android smartphones. If you… Continue Reading →

How is Google Allo messenger different from rest messengers

Google has announced its new assistant which comes with Google Allo messenger app. The new google assistant is totally different, it is like you are talking to some real person. You should know hoe to set-up new Google assistant in… Continue Reading →

Edward says Google Allo is unsafe and never use it

Delete Google Allo and never use it
Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden warned tweeters by his tweet saying not to use Google’s new app Allo due to insecurity to the messages and calls. The app has been launched last summer with a good innovative idea to reduce the burden of… Continue Reading →

How to Disable Developer Options in Android Settings any Versions

Getting developer settings is a simply hidden feature but to Disable Developer Options in Android is a bit irritating matter. App developers must know about developer settings for sure. They also have different additional features that make it easier to connect… Continue Reading →

How to share Location on Google Allo

Sometimes it is very needed to share location on messengers like WhatsApp and Google allo. If you know to share location on WhatsApp then you would not get the doubt how to share location on Google Allo messenger. Because both… Continue Reading →

How to Start Music Automatically on Android Phone

Everybody needs this actually. But only a few would figure out the solution like you wanted to do. So you wanna play music as you plug-in your headphones into the jack. That makes you not to open your mobile and… Continue Reading →

What is app preferences in Android mean?

What is app preferences in your Android phone? Usually, you will come through selecting apps on any function, saying to use just once or always. Assigning them is called as giving app preference. In simple sayings, it is to assign… Continue Reading →

How to get Emoji on Instagram for Android Mobile Phone

It is very hard to chat without emojis with friends and family. One day I was on a jolly chat with my friend (it was my new android phone), Unfortunately, I found no emojis to show my emotions. I felt… Continue Reading →

How to play music automatically on connecting Headphones Android

Everybody needs this actually. But only a few would figure out the solution like you wanted to do. So you wanna play music as you plug-in you headphones into the jack. That makes you not to open your mobile and… Continue Reading →

How to Import Bookmarks from Another Browser to Google Chrome

Many people start to use Google chrome after a long time of using other browsers like Mozilla or explorer. Usually, people save bookmarks and all regularly. after switching to the new internet browser you will obviously need your saved bookmarks, it is… Continue Reading →

How To Change App Preferences In Android

App preference is which you will assign to be functioned as always to any app. You will understand about App preferences if you read my previous article, click here. Sometimes when you install additional apps related to photos, music or… Continue Reading →

How to Upload Pictures To Instagram Stories

Many doesn’t know that they can also upload pictures to instagram stories from their mobile gallery. Like in Snapchat, Instagram allows you to upload pictures from your camera roll or gallery. But there is a slight difference between snapchat memories… Continue Reading →

How to change just once and always in android

What are these just once and always? this is to select a default app for any function you usually do. Some people are not aware of this actually. need to worry if you really don’t, I will make you understand… Continue Reading →

Instagram introduces new story feature

Did you see the Instagram new story feature? yesterday Instagram introduces new story feature just like Snapchat. It is now also a platform to upload snaps of what were you doing all day. Users following you can see your story… Continue Reading →

How To Unlike images in Instagram Chat Box

You are too unlike the image of yours or your friend’s sent to you! You might have liked it by mistake or for a trail and tried double tapping on it again to unlike. On double tapping, you would only… Continue Reading →

How to Mute on Google Allo Messenger

Everyone (especially the girls) will have a buddy in messengers who always sends useless messages! After you getting irritated, you wanted his conversation to get muted. So here is how to Mute on Google Allo Messenger. It’s not a way… Continue Reading →

How to get Emojis on your Android Keyboard

These days no one can chat more than few minutes without emojis. Emojis is the best way to express your emotions of your messages. Sometimes users won’t get emojis on an android keyboard by default, this post is casually written for… Continue Reading →

Instagram’s new story feature makes it an another snapchat

Today Instagram have introduced its users a new feature of stories same as the widely used social app Snapchat. It is just the Snapchat rip-off. it seems like marks wanted to conquer the total social media territory. Instagram story feature is… Continue Reading →

Download Updated Pokemon Go 0.31.0 (July 31 2016)

download updated Pokemon go.Are you searching for the new update of Pokemon go? here it is, the update of July 2016. If further updates are released you can get back to our homepage and get em all. Yeah! so you… Continue Reading →

How to customize your new Android marshmallow

You might have been aware of that Android marshmallow has got with the feature to customize your operations. Like in launcher apps android marshmallow also brought the options to customize home buttons. You might have also observed that the interface… Continue Reading →

how to get pokemon go on iphone in india

For an android device it is easy to download a APK file of pokemon go. But iOS users still believe that they could not download pokemon go on their iphone. yes, there exists a simple way. no need of rooting,… Continue Reading →

how to prevent android phone from virus

Having fear of virus to attack your android phone? you can prevent virus to attack your android phone yourself without any android app. just follow these few steps which i will explain you the total phenomenon how virus can attack… Continue Reading →

how to get pikachu as starter in pokemon go

Everyone are going mad about Pikachu! even though it is not so needed people go mad of it, for its rareness and main species of Pokemon. You might have seen people having Pokemon from their first level itself, how do… Continue Reading →

Download Life is Crime apk for android

Life is crime is a free-to-play location based game. you can make gangs and be a gangster with all the friends who are playing around you in your city. so it called virtual reality location-based android game. same like Pokemon… Continue Reading →

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