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How to invite all friends in one click on Facebook

Started a new Facebook page? Facebook pages are not only meant for public figures or businesses. People even make Facebook pages to get public attention through their memes or fun posts. Whatever kind of page is yours, you just need… Continue Reading →

Will 8 ball pool tool work?

You must have heard about ‘8 ball pool tool’ if you searched on 8 ball pool tricks and hacks online. When I googled on 8 ball pool tricks and hacks, the first thing I figured out was “8 ball pool… Continue Reading →

how to send original size picture on whatsapp

Whatsapp always reduces the picture size when we send to any recipient. This causes damage to the picture quality, and the details will be lost. Not only on WhatsApp, the original size picture is reduced in many social messengers. Many… Continue Reading →

how to get free followers on instagram fast

The days to rule social media of Facebook is gone now. Now it’s all about Instagram, Snapchat, and other messengers. One of the main reasons to get Instagram on top is Dubsmashes and Image gallery. Unlike Facebook, Instagram has the… Continue Reading →

Get genuine followers on instagram

Everyone dreams to have more followers on Instagram. This leads few people to try some online websites which promise auto followers as an exchanging system. But their friends can easily figure out whether he/she is having genuine followers or not… Continue Reading →

Music player to add music automatically From PC

How cool it is if your music player scans the music automatically directly when you download. I think with all the music players these days are not build up to automatically sync up music from your system. There might be… Continue Reading →

how to make a Instagram DM on PC

Everyone can Login from website version of Instagram but cannot have all the features. Mainly we cannot see conversation and DM from it. Even Instagram stories are not available to upload or show on PC website version. But there is another… Continue Reading →

How to get jio prime with paytm

Reliance Jio is a Revolutionary communication network which has changed the total lifestyle of Indians. According to records Indian views on youtube videos has increased more than 3 times after introduction of Reliance Jio. Due to the free data and… Continue Reading →

how to make money on Instagram

Facebook has very calmed down these days, Insta and Snapchat are ruling the Social Kingdom. Insta bought many new features in really less time. Instagram stories are the one best update with unique technical stickers. Users going crazy on Instagram… Continue Reading →

Difference between important and starred in Gmail

Even when we don’t know the difference between important and starred in Gmail emails, you just segregate according to our convenience. We just make 3 imaginary categories of our own from starred, important and both starred & important. But there… Continue Reading →

How to replay the picture in Instagram

now Instagram is the new Snapchat. The total Facebook community have come up with stories and temporary picture chat. The new update of Whatsapp introduces status which is to snap things and disappear in 24 hours. The Status Interface in Whatsapp… Continue Reading →

How to remove media limit in Whatsapp using lucky patcher (rooted phone)

Yes, there is a size limit for media in Whatsapp. We cannot send a file, image or video bigger than 64mb in Whatsapp. Instead, what people do is share the Drive link after they upload the file to Google Drive…. Continue Reading →

Make a fake call log manually on your Phone

If you could make a fake call log, it can act as a proof for the lies we say XD. Lol! many times we feel like creating a fake call log on your phone. Sometimes it is the most important… Continue Reading →

How to Logout of Whatsapp Web (Unknown/Hacked)

Whatsapp web is a feature in Whatsapp allowing us to access messages on web or computer. Whatsapp web makes it easy to text when you are on the web, Know how. This official feature is the most efficient one, most… Continue Reading →

How to edit photos on Picmonkey directly from Google Drive

Most of the people who are passionate about photography and editing. And most of the people use Picmonkey for simple editing and highlights. Usually, we share our Photos on Google Drive for not getting it’s quality reduced. How would it… Continue Reading →

How to create your own GeoFilter for Snapchat

Geo Filter is one of the best things in Snapchat. I have seen many famous places missing the Geo Filters in Snapchat. Do you know how they are placed in Snapchat with the location? If you are creative enough you… Continue Reading →

How to go to previous step in BBTAN Game

BBTAN is the most trending game now, it’s just a type of puzzle game. Just like candy crush, this is also addicting the users, probably the more. The game developed by 111% is very simple type game without any heavyweight or… Continue Reading →

How to Download Live Video From Instagram

The new Instagram feature is trending now, after the introduction of the live video along with the Instagram stories, it is expected that users will be using more Instagram than Snapchat. The Insta live allows every Instagram user to stream… Continue Reading →

How to Add Picture Password to your Google Forms

Google forms are the most used for surveys or data fill up form. There are not specific restrictions for users, either everyone can access your form or, any organization with google apps. This cannot restrict any specific person from filling… Continue Reading →

How to search Bitmojis in Snapchat chat (Search stickers in snapchat)

Snapchat has few third party apps linked with it. In my previous post, I described third party apps linked with Snapchat. Like Shazam, The weather channel there is a Bitmoji. Unlike rest others, to enable Bitmoji in snapchat chat you… Continue Reading →

Is Paytm an Indian company ?

You might have heard several things about Paytm, They might be about the negatives or positives. It is very common in country like India to start rumors on such new things. Recently, I have received a video on Whatsapp saying… Continue Reading →

How to get Snapchat geofilter in snaps

Snapchat is everywhere, from celebrities to your next door hub, everybody is raving about Snapchat. While snapchat keeps updating itself with cool new features every now and then, the most eye-catching one has to be the ‘geo filter’. To put… Continue Reading →

how to use shazam on snapchat

snapchat is one app which we cannot stop ourselves from getting addicted to it. I see many people checking their phones before even getting off their bed early in the morning and more importantly taking a snap of their sleepy… Continue Reading →

Know number of snaps you sent as message in Snapchat

Yes, you can know number of snaps you sent as message in snapchat. Surprisingly you can also know number of snaps you received as message in snapchat. And you should also know that the snapchat score is evaluated by the snaps… Continue Reading →

Take screenshot in snapchat without them knowing in android nougat

Snapchat is very private social app. You cannot save the pictures and stories of the snaps you see, only you can do is a screenshot. Even though we can screenshot, snapchat sends the user that you have taken a screenshot…. Continue Reading →

how to send direct message on instagram from computer

Like you might know about web WhatsApp, you can use your Whatsapp account which is active on your smartphone with your computer browser- know more. Similarly, here I am going to explain to you how to send a direct message on… Continue Reading →

How to restart chrome using bookmark to release RAM

  As we all know about the RAM sucking Google Chrome. Even when we know the issue of Chrome, we still prefer it as our first priority. Only because it is the fastest of all. Cookies are stored very smartly… Continue Reading →

How will paytm work without internet

Paytm is on top of the news these days. You might not even know will paytm work without internet. It is right! Paytm will now work without the internet also. This is one of the cool ways to pay and… Continue Reading →

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