How to create your own GeoFilter for Snapchat

Geo Filter is one of the best things in Snapchat. I have seen many famous places missing the Geo Filters in Snapchat. Do you know how they are placed in Snapchat with the location? If you are creative enough you… Continue Reading →

How to go to previous step in BBTAN Game

BBTAN is the most trending game now, it’s just a type of puzzle game. Just like candy crush, this is also addicting the users, probably the more. The game developed by 111% is very simple type game without any heavyweight or… Continue Reading →

How to Download Live Video From Instagram

The new Instagram feature is trending now, after the introduction of the live video along with the Instagram stories, it is expected that users will be using more Instagram than Snapchat. The Insta live allows every Instagram user to stream… Continue Reading →

How to Add Picture Password to your Google Forms

Google forms are the most used for surveys or data fill up form. There are not specific restrictions for users, either everyone can access your form or, any organization with google apps. This cannot restrict any specific person from filling… Continue Reading →

How to search Bitmojis in Snapchat chat (Search stickers in snapchat)

Snapchat has few third party apps linked with it. In my previous post, I described third party apps linked with Snapchat. Like Shazam, The weather channel there is a Bitmoji. Unlike rest others, to enable Bitmoji in snapchat chat you… Continue Reading →

Is Paytm an Indian company ?

You might have heard several things about Paytm, They might be about the negatives or positives. It is very common in country like India to start rumors on such new things. Recently, I have received a video on Whatsapp saying… Continue Reading →

How to get Snapchat geofilter in snaps

Snapchat is everywhere, from celebrities to your next door hub, everybody is raving about Snapchat. While snapchat keeps updating itself with cool new features every now and then, the most eye-catching one has to be the ‘geo filter’. To put… Continue Reading →

How to edit photos on Picmonkey directly from Google Drive

Most of the people who are passionate about photography and editing. And most of the people use Picmonkey for simple editing and highlights. Usually, we share our Photos on Google Drive for not getting it’s quality reduced. How would it… Continue Reading →

how to use shazam on snapchat

snapchat is one app which we cannot stop ourselves from getting addicted to it. I see many people checking their phones before even getting off their bed early in the morning and more importantly taking a snap of their sleepy… Continue Reading →

Know number of snaps you sent as message in Snapchat

Yes, you can know number of snaps you sent as message in snapchat. Surprisingly you can also know number of snaps you received as message in snapchat. And you should also know that the snapchat score is evaluated by the snaps… Continue Reading →

Take screenshot in snapchat without them knowing in android nougat

Snapchat is very private social app. You cannot save the pictures and stories of the snaps you see, only you can do is a screenshot. Even though we can screenshot, snapchat sends the user that you have taken a screenshot…. Continue Reading →

how to send direct message on instagram from computer

Like you might know about web WhatsApp, you can use your Whatsapp account which is active on your smartphone with your computer browser- know more. Similarly, here I am going to explain to you how to send a direct message on… Continue Reading →

How to restart chrome using bookmark to release RAM

  As we all know about the RAM sucking Google Chrome. Even when we know the issue of Chrome, we still prefer it as our first priority. Only because it is the fastest of all. Cookies are stored very smartly… Continue Reading →

How will paytm work without internet

Paytm is on top of the news these days. You might not even know will paytm work without internet. It is right! Paytm will now work without the internet also. This is one of the cool ways to pay and… Continue Reading →

After 2016 Nokia will no more be under microsoft

According to the agreement or the deal, After 2016 Microsoft have to hand over the mobile company so called Nokia. The mobile company doesn’t have their own Manufacturing sector and other hardware. So, this brought a way to for HMD… Continue Reading →

After a long wait finally its here: Pokemon Go India

Finally after a huge wait here it comes to India, The much awaited augmented game Pokemon Go will be released in India on coming Wednesday (December 14). And the most trending news is that the Game/app is gonna be launched with… Continue Reading →

What is Youtube Rewind (India)

Youtube rewind is a biggest 2016 challenge, it’s like rewinding the most awesome stuff of music we have enjoyed on youtube. Donno why but it is mentioned with India, I think even few other countries also got tagged along with… Continue Reading →

Android Nougat version 7.1.1

The calling screen in android naugat version 7.1.1 is totally changed. that is why i have put it first on the top. check the new calling screen below, it is very neat and clean. simply simple. Few app icons like… Continue Reading →

Get hibernate option in windows 10 (Power button options)

Not all the people do heavy work on their laptop or computer. But for those who does, Hibernating their computer is so useful. Hibernating is closing your computer without ending the programs which are active on your computer. Before you… Continue Reading →

How to save Musically videos to gallery from privates

Musically is the most trending app for music karaoke! In this trending world of social media, Videos of dubsmashes and musically are valued a lot. To get more impression on your profile you should make few videos of musically. Know… Continue Reading →

How to restart google chrome without losing tabs in desktop

Google chrome is the most preferred internet browser, also a major RAM eater too. Even if the Google Chrome works at its best, it consumes the most RAM. If your laptop is having the minimum of the RAM, your laptop or… Continue Reading →

How to watch youtube videos not available in your country

There are many youtube videos not available in your country, I am not talking about censorship. Censorship is totally banning videos or source by the government. But few videos in youtube are not available because of censorship. This is because… Continue Reading →

How to Set Expiration Dates for Shared Google Drive Files

Sharing Files on google drive is the best feature for official work. Important files are more safely and flexibly shared with anyone in short period. Files will just give them the access to download and read. They cannot directly save… Continue Reading →

How to report problem or suggest improvement in Snapchat beta

First of all, you should know about the Snapchat beta. You need not be a pro to get the Snapchat beta to your account. firstly, you must be having the beta version of Snapchat on your smartphone. I also described… Continue Reading →

What is the red line under youtube videos

Not many uses youtube very frequently, people like me do use it almost every day. I usually keep opened youtube tab aside playing some music track. And the most thankful thing is autoplay which was a feature came up very… Continue Reading →

How to pick songs from mobile storage in musically

Musically is mostly used by English user, That is why there is the majority of English sounds. Users from other countries have no access to all their songs in musically. For that reason, there is a solution to pick songs… Continue Reading →

How to Update files on Google Drive without changing link

Google Drive is the best place to share files from, without any quality change. More than 25mb files can also be uploaded to Google Drive. The Google Drive is actually a cloud storage, But it is mainly used for sharing… Continue Reading →

How to upload sounds in Dubsmash

Dubsmash is the most trending music karaoke for all time. It helps people it make all kinds of videos stuffs to make a good show on Insta and Facebook. Half of the Instagram is filled with Dubsmashes and Musically videos. People… Continue Reading →

What is the red line under youtube video thumbnails

Red Line under YouTube video Thumbnails Straightly saying, The red line is the feature replaced with watched indicator. Previously you will be shown with an icon to say that you have watched it already, That is what I asked you… Continue Reading →

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