Most of the people who are passionate about photography and editing. And most of the people use Picmonkey for simple editing and highlights. Usually, we share our Photos on Google Drive for not getting it’s quality reduced. How would it be if you can edit photos on Picmonkey directly from Google Drive? If you are not aware of the Picmonkey website I will let you know below.

What’s (Photo Editor)

So, Picmonkey is a Photo editing website. You can make a great kind of editing on this website for free (without pro features). Everything is online here, You can upload any photo from your computer and do the editing just like we do in our mobile application. But I bet you will love doing editing in this online editing website.

Picmonkey got very useful features. It has few paid features under royale package which are more awesome tools. Simple editings can be easily done over here, I usually use this online tool for making logos and posters. You will also be given with ready-made templates to edit it for making any posture. If you are a blogger or vlogger this can help you making your editing work simpler.

Add Picmonkey app to Google Chrome from Chrome web store

Most of the people do not know about google chrome apps and extensions. Like we have apps in mobile and desktop, Google Chrome has got up with web store for such online active extensions and apps. There are games also, These extensions mostly are of tools and statistics on the toolbar.

Go to Google web store from your google chrome browser. at the left side top, you can search for any extension or app, over there search for ‘Picmonkey’. Or else click here. Make sure that you are on ‘Picmonkey extension’ not ‘Picmonkey’ app. Click on “add to chrome” like you install any mobile app.

picmonkey extension for google chrome

Now the Picmonkey is installed in your google chrome. The Picmonkey icon will be appeared on your top toolbar, on clicking it you can see all the images displayed on your current web page. To edit any image from your web page you can select the image from that list for the instant touch up.

You can also remove the extension directly from the toolbar if you didn’t like it. Do right click on the Picmonkey icon on the chrome toolbar and check for the options. You can select “remove from chrome” to permanently uninstall the Picmonkey extension from your Google chrome.

Edit photos on Picmonkey directly from Google Drive

So, you would have understood the total story what I am gonna tell you now. No, am not gonna say that, I am not gonna say you to open the image from your drive and click on the Picmonkey icon on the toolbar. That doesn’t work well, the image will loose its resolution. On the preview of any image in Google Drive you will not see the true image, so this process not gonna work.

There is another suitable way to edit photos on Picmonkey directly from Google Drive preview. In Google Drive go to the image file which you wish to edit it using Picmonkey. Open the Photo on Drive, you will see the preview as a pop up. on the top of the photo preview, you can see “open with” drop-down option. Click it and select ‘Picmonkey’, you will be redirected to Picmonkey with that Photo opened.

edit photos on picmonkey directly from google drive

  • Open the photo you wish to edit with Picmonkey from Google Drive
  • Click on the photo to get the pop-up preview
  • select “open with” drop-down option at the top of the window
  • Select “Picmonkey”
  • You will be taken to Picmonkey with the selected Photo opened on its workspace

If you couldn’t get “Picmonkey” as an option under ‘open with’ drop list, you should select “connect more apps”. Another Google web store pop up arises on the screen. At the left side top, you can search ‘Picmonkey’ to connect to it. After you connect to the Picmonkey app from there, you can edit photos on Picmonkey directly from google drive following the above steps