Not all the people do heavy work on their laptop or computer. But for those who does, Hibernating their computer is so useful. Hibernating is closing your computer without ending the programs which are active on your computer. Before you think to get hibernate option in windows 10 you should know what is hibernate.

Hibernate option in windows 10

Usually, you must have known about shutting down, restart, lock, and sleep. Along with these power operations hibernate is an operation to close your computer without ending the applications running.

To be clearer let us assume that you are too tired in the middle of your work. You want to take rest but don’t want your applications on your desktop like browsers to be closed but wants your computer to turn off. Then when you choose to hibernate option in windows 10 your computer will get closed/off. Again when you turn on the computer you will see your desktop as it is before your hibernated.

When Hibernate option in windows 10 is used

For instance, you are out of the reach of your laptop charger or power source. In the middle of your heavy work you had to turn your lappy off but it doesn’t have enough battery juice. In that case, if you choose sleep option, it will consume the minimum amount of battery. But if you select to hibernate your laptop, the computer totally gets off with allowing your work to be paused as it is.

How to get hibernate option in windows 10

Have you made a try from your system settings? Few people think they need to download any kind of extensions or software to get hibernate option in windows 10. You need not install any of such third party stuff, Windows consists by its own to hibernate.

  • In your Start, you will see a gear icon exactly on the top of the power button.
  • It is Windows default settings of your computer, open it.
  • In the Settings window, open the first settings namely, System.
  • In system settings you can see “power &sleep” on the left side.
  • In power & sleep settings click on “additional power settings” in the bottom.
  • Control panel windows get opened, Left side of that window to click on the link saying “choose what power button does”.
  • Now click on “change settings that are currently unavailable” (if you can see that link below the first paragraph).
  • Under ‘shutdown settings’, you should check “hibernate”.
  • click on Save changes and you are done.

And now Click on the power button in your start and check if you get hibernate option in windows 10 of yours 😛 . I suggest you not to use hibernate option most frequently for each and every small thing, it can slow down your computer on start up and shut downs. know more about windows.

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