Snapchat is everywhere, from celebrities to your next door hub, everybody is raving about Snapchat. While snapchat keeps updating itself with cool new features every now and then, the most eye-catching one has to be the ‘geo filter’. To put it in a cool way, geo filter can be used as your passport. So, here is a guide to get Snapchat geofilter if you are experiencing any problems in trying to use it.

How does geofilter work

Artists and designers contribute their designs for their city, locality, landmark, a university and other such places to Snapchat. There is also another type of geofilters called on demand geofilters, here the businesses and individuals can purchase geofilters and use them for their event or occasion. Here brand logos are permitted. Geofencing is the fun part where you decide the perimeter of your created geofilter. The minimum area has to 20,000 square feet. There are websites which offer templates and designs to help you create your own geofilter. If you want to give a shot at creating your own geofilter follow the link below to see a detailed guide on how to make your own geofilter.

How to get geofilter

To be able to use geofilter, switch “on” location services on your device and scroll down the list of apps using location service. Locate snapchat in the individual apps listed. Make sure the location service is “on” for snapchat too. Now open your snapchat and toggle through filters to use geofilters

Geofilters require you turn on location services to allow Snapchat to sense where you are, but Snapchat doesn’t store the location data.

You can now discover new geofilters just by walking around to new places, just remember to swipe right to cycle through the options. A location can have more than a single geofilter, so make sure to check out all the filters

geofilters can be used with other filters, but unlike filters which can be overlapped with one another, a geofilter cannot be used with another geofilter.

Steps to follow to get geofilter

  1. Enable location services on your device:
  • iPhone – Open the Settings app and tap “Privacy.” Tap “Location Services” and then toggle the slider on.
  • Android – Open the Settings app and tap “Location.” Toggle “Location” on at the top of the screen.

2. Open Snapchat

  • open snapchat to give it access to your location

3. Tap the Ghost button at the top of the Snapchat camera screen

  • This is to access your profile

4. Open the snapchat settings

  • click on the gear icon in the top right corner

5. Select “Manage” option in “Additional Services” 

  • This will let you toggle with Filters and switch on the service.

6. Take a new snap 

7. Swipe left or right to access geofilters

  • With each swipe, you will see a new filter

8.  Use your preferred geofilter

  • Select your geofilter from the multiple filters. Some locations might not have geofilters

9. Visit different locations to view different geofilters

  • Geofilters are tied to specific locations, check geofilters when you visit a new location

10. Create your own geofilter if there is no geofilter for your location

  • As mentioned before in the article, snapchat allows it’s users to create geofilters


This is how to access geofilters, have fun playing with this feature of snapchat. Just remember to swipe for filters to see new Geofilters on your next visit to a new location.