As we all know about the RAM sucking Google Chrome. Even when we know the issue of Chrome, we still prefer it as our first priority. Only because it is the fastest of all. Cookies are stored very smartly in Google Chrome to load any visited page faster than before. Computers with less RAM can face hanging problems because of Google Chrome, they will have to restart chrome using a bookmark to release RAM.

How to Restart Google Chrome without extensions

To resolve the issue of high consumption of Goole Chrome, Their team worked so hard and could not figure out any better way than to restart the browser. Officially you can restart Google Chrome without losing the tabs which are currently active. Restarting is not like closing the Chrome by clicking on the cross button.

google chrome restart url

A URL is given with Google Chrome to make a function so called, Restart. Doing this can release the high usage of the computer’s RAM. In your URL bar above type “chrome://restart” and click on ‘enter’ (go). You will find your chrome get closed by itself, after a few seconds, it opens by itself along with the tabs you have opened before.

How can Restarting you Google chrome help you?

Like we discussed above and in my other posts about the consumption of RAM by Google Chrome. It makes a big problem for those who use Chrome on computers with less RAM. Minimum 4GB of RAM is just enough to use it for ordinary use. For more times you can see your computer hanging while using Google Chrome. It is also not said that not to use Google Chrome, because it is also the fatest comparitively.

To release the RAM from Chrome and avoid hanging problem, you can do restart your browser frequently. This can realease the total RAM, and starts from where you left without any losing of tabs. This is called a best practice to maintain your computer with Google Chrome without hanging

Restart chrome using bookmark to release RAM

Normally, this is a very simple and logical task. I have already given you the URL to restart your google Chrome, then the only thing you have to do is to make a Bookmark of that URL. So, then on clicking the bookmark your chrome can restart easily droping its RAM usage.

Do you know how to create a bookmark? you mioght be knowing for sure. But the story is totally different to bookmark chrome://restart because it is not treated as a URL in Google Chrome. You can make a bookmark by some other way.

how to restart google chrome without extension

Like in above, first, creat a bookmark of any URL and name it as Restart. After you save the bookmark by clicking on done. again you need to edit the bookmark to change the URL to chrome://restart.

restart google chrome without losing tabs in Desktop

When you right click on the bookmark and click on edit, you will the tab like above. here you will replace the URL with our resatrting URL (chrome://restart) and then click on save button below. the bookmark is made ready to restart google chrome whenever you want.

Usually, when you do heavy work on Google Chrome. In between you are suggested to click on restart bookmark to avoid your computer to hang slow. RAM usage will be reduced as you click on the restart bookmark, you may check it by using any RAM extensions.