Google chrome is the most preferredĀ internet browser, also a major RAM eater too. Even if the Google Chrome works at its best, it consumes the most RAM. If your laptop is having the minimum of the RAM, your laptop or desktop will not be able to handle the browser. This can lead to crashing of Google Chrome. If it crashes between when you are on work? At least you should get the opened tabs back. there are tools to restart Google Chrome without losing tabs in the desktop.

How to restart google chrome without losing tabs

You need not have any extension apps for restarting your Google Chrome. Restarting chrome frequently and uninstalling non-essentials from it can also help it to release some of the RAM. Make it a habit of restarting chrome to fasten your desktop/ laptop.

Google Chrome has provided with a URL to restart by itself. open a new tab and type this URL “chrome://restart”, then press enter. Yout chrome will be closed and opened with the same tabs which were opened previously. I have read in few forum saying that this process can make an infinite process of opening and be closing the chrome if you have settings of starting chrome from where you have ended. But there is no such thing to function, on restarting the chrome the tab URL’s with ‘Chrome://’ will be closed.

Restart google chrome with bookmark to free RAM

Even now we are not gonna use any kind of extensions. The thing we did to restart chrome is with the chromes new feature. The URL is officially given with the Google Chrome, the process is totally different for other browsers like the explorer, firefox or safari.

how to restart google chrome without extension

Firstly, copy the restarting URL (” chrome://restart “). Now open click on the star icon at the right corner of URL address bar of this page. If you know how to bookmark, you should replace the URL with our restarting URL. Then, name the bookmark as “restart”. Make sure that it is saved on the front. For suppose, if you have many bookmarks it will be saved under extra bookmarks.

 restart google chrome without losing tabs in Desktop

Now, Whenever you click on the restart bookmark your chrome will be closed and opened again freshly. You might think that why can’t you close it directly and open again manually. If you do that your RAM will be not released like when you restart with the URL. This is the actual reason for why Chrome is given with restarting code.