Musically is the most trending app for music karaoke! In this trending world of social media, Videos of dubsmashes and musically are valued a lot. To get more impression on your profile you should make few videos of musically. Know how to start with musically, dubsmash is even easier than understanding musically. And here is how to save musically videos to the gallery.

How to save taken musically videos to Private first

In musically instead of posting the videos directly, you can save it to your private account. In there, no one can have an access to see those videos. They are like only you can see them, if you feel they are cool to be on your profile then you can post them at any time from privates. Privately is like saving the video to draft, If you wanna save videos to your mobile also you can do so.

After you shoot any video it will be asking you to share on any app or something. Ignore it, it’s nothing to do with it. Just after you click on tick mark after you shoot the video you will be taken to the screen where you will be shown what you have just taken. At the bottom of the screen, you can add any title/description or tag friends. just below the title text

Just below the title text bar, you can see “save private” and “post”.If you click on “post” the video will be posted on your profile and everyone can see it. Click on “save private” to save the video to your private account. Only you can access the video now.

How to save Musically videos to gallery

You can save musically videos to gallery from private space or posted ones in the same manner. Usually, people do post their musically videos mostly on Instagram. That might be the reason for musically to be modeled to be similar to Instagram. Analytics says that musically is the raising app for the future social applications.

So, when you open you musically you will see some other guys videos playing. We have to save your video to gallery of your mobile. Normally go to the video in your profile which you wanna save to gallery. Just like in Instagram you will have a profile icon in the option at the bottom of the screen. In your profile, you will see a private file and your posted videos.

If your video which has to be saved in your gallery is in private video, open the folder and open the video. Else if the video is in posted ones, open the video similarly. Now you will get a menu option with “…” (three dots). select that one from the right lower corner of your screen. You will have an option to “save video to gallery”.

Finally, we have made it. This is how to save musically videos to gallery from private or posted ones. I hope my Article helped you out somehow, Bookmark the page and keep visiting for still more updates.