snapchat is one app which we cannot stop ourselves from getting addicted to it. I see many people checking their phones before even getting off their bed early in the morning and more importantly taking a snap of their sleepy face for sending it to their friends, increasing their snap score ultimately. Basically, snapchat is that one idea which was inspired after seeing the youth becoming very narcissistic.snapchat is just getting better day after day with its daily updates and one such update is using shazam on snapchat.

Third party apps that snapchat uses.

involving third party apps is never a bad idea unless the app’s performance isn’t affected. snapchat cleverly deals with this kind of issues, being an old player on play store. snapchat has linked up with few apps such as Bitmoji, shazam and the weather channel. Bitmoji is one app which got really popular after linking up with snapchat. Bitmoji is an app which lets you create an animated character that resembles you in real life.

the weather channel is another app which lets a user know the weather outside. its working is very simple, when a snap is taken its location is sent to the weather app and the data of that location temperature is sent to your Snapchat. From here a filter will be appeared showing the temperature in your present area. Even this is how the Speed filter also works, the speed is calculated by Distance/time. The distance can be known by the GPS and however, time is known.

how to use shazam on snapchat

Did you ever scan any snap code of your friend of someone? From your snapping screen when

Now, how to use shazam on snapchat? You know about shazam before that?(shazam is a separate app actually) it will identify any music which is playing around you. Now, you can do the same with Snapchat too, from the shazam feature it is linked with. On the cam screen of your snapchat just like we long press to scan any snap code you should do the same with music in background.

use of shazam in snapchat for music how to use shazam on snapchat
shazam use in snapchat snaps screen
use of shazam in snapchat for music

You will get the song name on the pop-up within 3-5 seconds. click on “more info” to know about the song, below you can click on ‘slide’, you can hear the real music. And again below you can have a sliding option to watch the video of that video if any exists.

  • Open the Snapchat first screen (the capturing screen where we scan snap codes)
  • Let the music be played in background
  • Keep long pressing on the screen for it to search the music
  • A pop-up shows the name of the song/music
  • Slide up to listen to it
  • Slide again for video if exists.

Finally, whenever you hear any new attractive music in your background when you are snapping, you can immediatly know the music/song song name by the use shazam on snapchat.