We use Facebook like we eat breakfast daily. Most of the time we eat at our home, few times we eat out on any situation. Similarly, we might log in to facebook somewhere else and forget to log out. How to know about your facebook devices logged in with time and ip? This can keep you safe from leaking out your messages. Few hackers with your password make a spy on your account by logging into your account from their devices. If you can know about your facebook devices logged in you can be well alert about hackers and other spys.

How to Know about your facebook devices logged in info

Usually, you will find about these kinds of stuff in security settings. Security settings consist of all the logged device thing stuff. you will find security settings in the settings from the drop down at the right top corner.

In settings, you will have various settings at the left side. The second one is “Security”, select the security settings. You can see about 8 options in the security settings. From them check in recognised devices whether any suspicious device is in the list. If so, anyone logging in from that device will not let you get notifications.

facebook recogined devices settings

After you remove the suspicious devices from the recognised device then select the option below it namely, where you’re logged in. here, you can see the devices in which you are logged in and you were logged in. You can also see the location from where your account was logged in.

How to log out from the facebook devices logged in

Obviously, you would like to log out of the devices which you feel are not yours. With the help of location, mobile type, session time in the settings, you can easily figure out is it you or someone else. If you feel it’s not you, you can log out your account from that device. For suppose that is your device itself, need not worry you can log in again.

How to log out from the facebook devices logged in

In the where you’re logged in settings, you can log out of any suspicious accounts from the list displayed. Beside every device session you can see a small link saying “end activity“. click on it for every suspicious device to log out from your facebook account. end all activity will log out your facebook account from each and every device you are logged in.

Frequently check in these settings whether someone is spying on you. A hack with your password can log in again even when you end his activity in his device. So, checking it regularly keeps you safe.