Yes, you can know number of snaps you sent as message in snapchat. Surprisingly you can also know number of snaps you received as message in snapchat. And you should also know that the snapchat score is evaluated by the snaps you send and receive from your friends and another user. There is no use of snapping stories to increase the score. The snap score is increased by only sending and receiving the snaps from private or group chats. And I will let You know how you can check the number of snaps you sent till date in Snapchat.

Snapchat Snaps as message

In Snapchat, what do you mean by the word snap? Usually, it means an Image kinda thing or a picture. In snapchat snap means a truly taken picture or the 10 seconds video of snapchat. When you send these snap to someone as private message snapchat counts them, both the video and pictures. Even those which you receive are also counted in parallel. From the count of your sent and received snaps your score will be increasing mutually.

Know number of snaps you sent as message in Snapchat

In snapchat, the snaps which you send in private messages or groups are only be counted but not those which you upload to your daily story. You snapchat score will always be little more than the snaps you sent plus the snaps you receive. The rest score is from small other counts, few say that very small fraction is taken to score when we upload to story. Sometimes it feels like we will get the score for trophies we unlock.

Whatever it is, you are here to know the number of snaps you sent as message in snapchat. In your snapchat account, from camera screen slide left to see all the list of conversations. On the top of the screen, a blue taskbar will have “chat” to the left. You can toggle it to see your sent and received number of snaps.


Know number of snaps you sent as message in Snapchathow do you Know number of snaps you sent as message in Snapchat score

sent and recieved snaps count in snapchat

The count towards left side says the snaps you sent to others from the first day of your snapchat. The other value obviously says the count of snaps you opened. Even if you receive any snap and never opened it will not be counted in this count.

Wanna become a Snapchat beta user?

You can be a beta user of snapchat, there is no such thing like eligibility. the only thing you have to do is to subscribe for the Snapchat beta. In your snapchat settings you can see an option to “join snapchat beta“. Click it and subscribe accordingly to the steps asked to follow. Then you will have to re-install Snapchat to get Beta apk.

In snapchat beta, you can shake to send any report or improvement. If you are a nougat user you should also know how to take screenshot in snapchat without them knowing in android nougat (even if you are not a nougat user, there is an alternative way for that, but little bigger)