Snapchat is the most frequently used social application. The revolution of Daily stories is first introduced with snapchat, Actually, the app is meant for that. This is the best app for secret chats, every text will be disappeared after you see it for the first time. And you should also be learning many things in Snapchat to be a pro. Many things like not getting data filter in snapchat are discovered very lately.

Understanding Double Filter In Snapchat

you must have been knowing how to put double filters in a snap or snap the video. This is a simple trick in snapchat to put 2 filters on a single snap. After you take a Picture or video, first, you slide to the picture which you wish and then hold on a finger on your snap and slide to get another filter also.

normally, the filters are in the form of layers. When you put two filters, your snap is covered with two layers just like those of stickers. it’s just like keeping two stickers one on the another. And you cannot make 3 or more layers again on a snap in a similar way or any other way.

Overcome Not getting date filter in snapchat

Basically, date filter in snapchat comes from the time filter. When we tap on time filter we will further get the date, the complaint is that it is not working sometimes. You didn’t have observed that you are not getting date filter in snapchat when you put double filters to your snap. This doesn’t mean that you cannot get the date filter in snapchat when you had to put a double filter.

Why you are not getting date filter in snapchat

As I said in the starting, filters are in the form of layers. usually, when we put double filters we will first put the effect filter, after that we will slide to get time or speed. Here, it is inverse, the first filter which you keep will be on the top of the layers and the second filter you slide will be below it. And at the end will be the snap, Only the top filter will be accessed.

I also said you in the starting that filters are like stickers. Only the stickers on the top of all can be accessed. Like if you put two stickers one upon the other one, you probably cannot select the sticker below the first sticker to resize or move it. Similarly, you cannot access the filter which is below another filter. This is why you are not able to toggle time filter to date.

Getting date filter in snapchat

I think you got the point for now. After Acknowledgment from the above matter, we can conclude that the filter of time should be on the top to be accessed. We had discussed that the filter which is put first is on the top, this solves the problem. We have to slide time filter first and then put any other filter, Now if you try tapping for the time to change as the date it works.

Otherwise, you can also make it in an another simple way. What you do is first put the time filter and change it to date. After you change the time filter to date filter you slide to get some other filter. So, this is how the filters in snapchat work and why you are not getting date filter in snapchat.