Like you might know about web WhatsApp, you can use your Whatsapp account which is active on your smartphone with your computer browser- know more. Similarly, here I am going to explain to you how to send a direct message on Instagram from computer. Don’t start trying from a browser, you can access but not direct text on

Access Instagram from Browser on Computer

From Instagram’s website, you can normally log in to your account and access to your feeds. Just like your mobiles app’s home screen of Instagram, you will see the latest posts. But you cannot see stories and messages from the Instagram website. You cannot send messages as well. Whatever you try to do, you cannot even see the previous chat in Instagram

What to do when you wanted to put your mobile at the charge and go to work and needed to use Instagram direct! There comes the problem. Every day I put my mobile at charge some other place in my room and do work. whenever I get Instagram message notification my phone gives me a tempting sound, I am very lazy to go and check it. But from inside I feel like checking it.

how to send a direct message on Instagram from computer

On a condition of using Instagram from computer to send a direct message, you should have a latest Windows update. Latest in the sense need not be very much latest. Windows 7 can also be satisfied to make it happen.

how to send direct message on instagram from computer

You need to have a better because to be compatible with Instagram application. Normally, you can get the free Instagram app from the windows store. Search for instagram app in the store and download the application. After the installation, you better pin it to the Start taskbar. You will also get windows notification from this app whenever you get a message or notification in Instagram.

  • In start, open Store.
  • search instagram in store search bar above on right to send direct message from computer in instagram
  • Now, install the instagram app to your computer.
  • After the download and installation is completed you can see the app in your start in the top under newly added.
  • right click on the application and pin to start for instant use.
  • Open the application and just checkout, like looks same like the mobile interface of Instagram.

chat on instagram from your desktop computer

(If your computer is convertible or touch you would feel the same feeling of mobile application). You can also see stories and do whatever is done from a Mobile App as well. You can share media images with you friends from your computer. And also take and send the pics if you have a camera in-built or connected externally. Finally, This is how to send direct message on instagram from computer.