Snapchat is very private social app. You cannot save the pictures and stories of the snaps you see, only you can do is a screenshot. Even though we can screenshot, snapchat sends the user that you have taken a screenshot. Now, we need not worry about this thing with all new Android Nougat, You can take screenshot in snapchat without them knowing. Snapchat might make a change on its new update but until then this works pretty cool.

Snapchat Screenshot Notification

New users on snapchat don’t know that user on the other side can know if we screenshot their snaps. Even if you screenshot the snaps in snapchat inbox or snapchat stories, the user can clearly know about it. If you do a screenshot on any user’s snap from inbox then he/she will get a notification too. Ans also if we replay user’s snap from the private inbox.

The notification says “Pardhu_pc has replayed your snap” it will also display the time of replayed. And when you take a screenshot of any snap from a story, the user won’t get any notification but he can check about that near number of views of snap. Like if somebody takes a screenshot of any snap from your story then you can check the user’s name beside the list of the views. It will be indicated with a logo of two opposite arrow heads.

But at last, wherever you take a screenshot, the user will get to know about it. There is a silly trick to solve this problem, it doesn’t even need to have Android nougat on your mobile phone, I will let you about that trick at the last after I say you about the actual thing.

new android nougat with new google search console

Take screenshot in snapchat without them knowing in android nougat

Firstly, Did you make a round of the new Android Nougat. Many things have changed in the nougat, And the Google Assistant is yet to be released. To experience the new Google voice command “Google Assistant” you can use it from ‘Google Allo‘. Google allo is a messenger app which works best than the rest apps now.

Did you observe the Google search on long pressing the home key? It has been changed totally, you can see 3 buttons at the below panel and the search bar on the top of the screen. From this is where you are gonna take a screenshot in snapchat without them knowing in android nougat.

  • Go to the Snapchat app
  • Open the snap or the pic you wanna take a screenshot of
  • After you open any snap or pic, long press on the home button
  • As discussed you will get 3 option on the panel at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on the Share icon, on doing this the snap is frozen as a screenshot and you can select any app to share.
    (click on the share icon so quickly so that the snap won’t get over)
  • Why do I have to share? because there is no option to download from there, you may share the screenshot with anyone you trust
    (Email to self is suggested)
  • After you do so, go to the app and open the shared file and download it.

This is how it works in the new Android nougat. I don’t think that this gonna work after any new update from snapchat. This feature will be noticed by the team snapchat and for sure they will be working on this to send notification even if anyone shares the screen. This kind of thing is taken as a bug by app developers for their new update on new updated OS.

How to take screenshots in snapchat without them knowing on any OS

For a user to get any notification or our activity, both are to be connected with the network connection. So if the information that you took a screenshot is not to be sent online. Even when you off the conductivity and take the screenshot, the notification will be sent. When you turn on the network again then the data stored in app cache says that you took a screenshot when there was no internet.

You can still make a try! if you know that you can clear app data and the cache from your mobile settings. After you take a screenshot, we should clear the app data before turning on connectivity or network. Now there is no proof of you taking a screenshot. But you have to log in to snapchat and load again! Sometimes even this way doesn’t work better, instead of clearing app data it’s better to reinstall the app

  • First, turn off the internet connectivity
  • Go to snapchat, open the snap to be taken screenshot
  • Take a screenshot as usual
  • Go to settings >apps >snapchat.
  • In snapchat app details, clear the app data and cache.
  • (Reinstalling the app is recommended than clearing app data)
  • Now, turn on the connectivity and check out.
  • Finally, no notification is sent to the user about your screenshot 😉

Lastly, this is how you can take screenshots in snapchat without them knowing on Android nougat or in any OS. You should also know how to block someone in snapchat.