There are many youtube videos not available in your country, I am not talking about censorship. Censorship is totally banning videos or source by the government. But few videos in youtube are not available because of censorship. This is because the owner of the video didn’t want your country to watch his video, the reason may be of agreement issues or releasing date delay. You want to watch youtube videos not available in your country.

Why are few Youtube videos not available in your country?

Many users think that they could not see the videos in their country due to censorship. But there is another reason behind the screen hidden. In few countries like Pakistan or china youtube is totally banned, here is no solution for that kinda censorship issues. They are not able to see videos on youtube due to government orders. Here, I am going to solve the problem for the videos which are blocked by the administrator(owner) of the video in your country.

Normally when a video is not set for any country by the owner, the IP addresses from that country will not be able to watch the video. If the IP address is manipulated to be out of the country area, the video can be played to you.

Watch YouTube Videos Not Available in Your Country

So, Youtube uses your IP address to know about your country. It’s not about the location where you are situated. Now, if we bypass these country-specific restrictions in Youtube. The process of getting your IP address for the country can be skipped from Youtube video URL.

In the URL of the video if you make some small modifications to not make your country known for restrictions. for suppose, your URL is which is not available in your country. Just remove ” /watch?v= ” and replace that part with “/v/”.

Finally, the video URL which can be enabled in your country should be like this- This can be worked on any video but not so on the videos which are banned by government.